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Earls Gate Energy Centre launch Community Fund

Updated 10 May 2021

The aim of the new Community Fund is to help create environments where local people are proud to live and support in making these vibrant communities more cohesive and sustainable.

With a maximum £1500 available for each successful applicant, EGECL is looking forward to engaging with organisations who can help build stronger communities, reduce social isolation among vulnerable people and strengthen community partnerships.

Chairman Alex Lambie said: “The Community Fund is only the beginning of what we hope will be a long-term and incredibly positive relationship with the local community around Earls Gate.

“Our company ethos has a very strong focus on community engagement and our Local Liaison Committee has been gathering feedback and opinions from local residents and providing information to the community during our project’s construction, through commissioning and into the facility’s operational phase.

“At all times the aim is to ensure our project proceeds with minimal impact and disruption.

“The evolution of the Earls Gate Community Fund grew in strength towards the end of 2020, despite the many challenges brought by the pandemic. The development of ideas, detailed planning, a dedicated website in and engagement with the Liaison Committee early in 2021 has made the launch possible today.

“I would like to personally thank all involved for their hard work and determination in setting up and structuring the management and delivery of the Fund.”

Anyone wishing to apply for the Earls Gate Community Fund can download an application form from the Community Engagement page.

Second car park for Earls Gate workers

Updated 4 February 2021

Work on site is intensifying to make up time lost due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to meet our new construction timetable, more workers will be needed on site and we have therefore rented land behind Wood Street to use as a temporary second car park.

Our planning application for this car park can be found by searching for reference P/21/0033/FUL on Falkirk Council’s planning application register. You will be able to comment on the proposal until Friday 19 February 2021.

Pile driving programme finishes on site

Updated 23 November 2020

The main piling programme has now finished with all forecasted steel, precast and bored piles completed.  

In our initial construction programme, we predicted that steel piling (the noisiest type) would be completed by mid-September. However, due to unforeseen technical and design changes, we had to make some further alterations to our piling programme and we restarted steel piling from mid-October to mid-November.

Due to the condition of the ground and ongoing design work for some smaller aspects of the construction, there is a slight possibility that some limited piling may be required in the future. If so, this will involve quieter techniques and will be necessary for a very limited amount of time only.

We would like to thank local residents for their patience during this extended piling programme.  We know it has at times been noisy and we do sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.  

Local Liaison Committee Launched

Updated 11 July 2019

We are seeking community representatives to join a liaison committee for local people.

The committee will gather feedback and opinions from local residents and provide information to the community during construction, through commissioning and into the facility’s operational phase, with the aim of ensuring the project proceeds with minimal impact and disruption to the local community.

The committee will meet around once a quarter although there may be occasional extra meetings when the need arises. Places are limited so those interested in joining are asked to email to request an application form.

Jobs Fair

Updated 16 May 2019

In May 2019, we held a jobs fair for people to find out about construction-related jobs opportunities and longer term employment prospects at the facility.

If you were unable to attend the event, but are still interested in a role during the construction phase, please visit our contact page where you will find further details on how to submit your CV.

“Meet the Buyer” Success

Updated 25 March 2019

75 potential suppliers attend event for Earls Gate

Brockwell Energy would like to thank all who came and made our ‘Meet the Buyer’ event for Earls Gate Energy Centre such a huge success. The event at the Grange Manor Hotel in Grangemouth, which was supported by Brockwell and key EPC contractors CNIM and Clugston, attracted 75 potential suppliers. More than 100 meetings were held between the attendees and CNIM and Clugston.

Alex Lambie, CEO of Brockwell Energy, said: “We were delighted at the success of this event and remain committed to ensuring our development projects seek to promote opportunities for local businesses.

“The incredible success of this gathering underpins our commitment to creating even more opportunities and running similar events for our future projects”.

CNIM’s Project Director, Mathieu Catalano, commented: “We were really pleased to meet so many local suppliers and hope to work with as many of them as possible over the coming months.

“We would urge any local business that missed the event, but are still interested in bidding for contracts, to contact us through our website.”

Businesses that may have been unable to attend but are still interested in bidding for contracts can submit their company details at

The Earls Gate Energy Centre, a new Energy from Waste (EfW) facility, replaces an existing gas-fired energy plant that has come to the end of its operating life and will provide heat and power to local industry. It will also export any surplus electricity to the National Grid.

Deal Gives Major Boost to Sustainable Scotland & Local Industries

Updated 18 December 2018

Brockwell Energy (Brockwell) have announced that financial close has been reached on their Earls Gate Energy Centre (EGEC), an energy from Waste (EfW) facility in Grangemouth, Scotland.

The project was launched by Edinburgh-based company Brockwell Energy, who have funded and led the development of the project over the past three years working with a highly experienced team from the Green Investment Group (GIG).

On financial close Brockwell will retain 50% of EGEC while GIG, together with its co- investor Covanta Energy, will acquire the other 50% of EGEC though a jointly owned vehicle.

EGEC is a 21.5 MW EfW facility that will not only prevent 216,000 tonnes of household and commercial waste going to landfill each year, but also provide low-carbon heat and power to four local industries, including chemical manufacturer and site utility service provider CalaChem, supplying CalaChem and other occupiers on the adjacent Earls Gate Park.

Brockwell CEO Alex Lambie said: “The success of EGEC reflects the skills and dedication of the Brockwell and GIG teams and delivers a new world-class renewable CHP facility to support the site. This is the first of a number of EfW projects that we will build over the next three years.”

As one of the most efficient plants in the UK, EGEC has unparalleled environmental credentials. Brockwell’s preferred technology provider, Constructions Industrielles de le Mediterranee (CNIM), will provide a stable, reliable technology solution which is well placed to adjust to changes in the mix of waste over the next 25 years.

Construction is due to commence in January 2019 and the plant is anticipated to become operational in November 2021, creating up to 500 jobs during construction and 30 long-term jobs in the operational phase.

Mr Lambie added: “The use of heat and power on-site will future-proof full-time local jobs. It will also create roles during construction, including a range of professional, skilled and entry-level positions and apprenticeships.”

In addition, Brockwell aims to deliver local community benefits focused on employment and training, support for local businesses and education programmes.

“We recognised the potential in Earls Gate from the outset,” said Brockwell CFO Iain Cockburn. “The delivery of such a flagship project for Scotland more than justifies the significant financial investment we have made over the past three years and demonstrates that it is possible to build and finance high quality merchant energy recovery plants without the need for subsidies.

“We are also very grateful for the commitment of the CalaChem team in supporting a highly demanding development programme and to our banking group of ABN Amro, NatWest Bank Plc, MUFG and Investec Bank Plc for their support.

Having successfully delivered the Earls Gate project, Brockwell’s attention will move to delivering their EfW project at Westfield in Fife – another important Scottish asset designed to deal with capacity shortfall.

Edward Northam, Head of GIG Europe, commented: “2017 saw Scotland recycle more waste than it sent to landfill. This is a fantastic achievement but there remains a lack of capacity to unlock the value to businesses and households from converting residual waste into low-carbon energy. The Earls Gate facility will play a major role in changing that.

“GIG is very proud of its Scottish roots and base in Edinburgh. Earls Gate is our nineteenth investment in Scotland and we’re delighted it will further support the decarbonisation of the Scottish economy.”

Neil Partlett, CEO of CalaChem, said: “CalaChem has been a part of Grangemouth industry for almost 100 years. In addition to improved environmental performance and operational reliability, Earls Gate Energy Centre will enhance CalaChem’s international competitiveness by controlling overall energy costs.

“This will help secure jobs, meaning CalaChem remains a valuable economic asset to the region.”

How It Works

The combined heat and power plant will use 216,000 tonnes of mixed household, commercial and industrial waste that would otherwise enter landfills every year.

This waste will be converted into 21.5 MWh of green electricity and heat in the form of steam – a direct source of reliable, green, low-cost energy for local businesses.

The project will use tried and tested moving grate technology from CNIM, one of the world’s leading providers of EfW plants.

Key Facts

Planning for Earls Gate was granted in January 2017 to replace a gas-fired plant.

Construction is due to commence in January 2019 and the plant is anticipated to become operational in November 2021, creating up to 500 jobs during construction and 30 long-term jobs in the operational phase.

The heat and power generated will make it one of the most efficient EfW plants in the UK.

A strategic asset for Scotland, the facility is integral to the Scottish Government’s ambitions to deliver a zero waste, circular economy that encourages waste reduction, boosts recycling and recovers vital renewable energy from what waste remains.

The project will (subject to the reinstatement of the Capacity Market) enter into a 15-year UK Capacity Market Contract (CMC), providing greater security of supply to the UK’s electricity generation capacity – one of the goals of The Energy Act 2013.

Myth Busters

“Scotland has too many incinerators”
Although there are a number of EfW plants consented in Scotland, very few of these are expected to be built.

“This isn’t an efficient system”
The technology used in EfW plants sees pre-treated, non-recyclable waste burned at high temperatures under carefully controlled conditions. The process is extremely efficient, robust and safe – with emissions meeting strict standards set by the European Union’s current Waste Incineration Directive. EfW plants are not the same as old incinerators that burned waste only to reduce volume of waste for landfill.

“This is the wrong location”
There is an alarming lack of alternative disposal points for municipal, commercial and industrial waste in the Central Belt of Scotland. Moreover, the Earls Gate Park offers excellent accessibility, with proposals that will see a minimal impact on traffic.

“It won’t make a difference”
By preventing volumes of waste equivalent to approximately 20% of Scotland’s total annual household waste to landfill, the facility will make a huge contribution to the local authority’s ability to achieve the goals of Scotland’s biodegradable municipal waste landfill ban, due on January 1, 2021.